Sea Defence 2017

Update 25/01/2017

The weather has stayed benign this week allowing access to the beach at Langney to be maintained even as the size of the beach reduces, so we will continue bypassing shingle round Sovereign Harbour until Friday.  By doing the extra few days now, and if the weather remains favourable over the next 6-8 weeks, we may not need to go back on to Langney beach until next autumn. 

Of course if the weather changes then we could be back to square one.  Until it does, we have no works scheduled other than the bulldozer doing minor repairs at various places along the frontage.

Update 13/01/2017

Recycling will finish today, with bypassing of shingle round Sovereign Harbour to start on Monday.  This is initially planned for one week only, but may extend for a day or two into the following week if conditions allow.

Current forecasts suggest that winds will remain predominantly from the north for 10 days or so, and with no big spring tides due for several weeks, work should soon be confined to just using the bulldozer for a while once bypassing is complete

Update 09/01/2017

Although the south avoided the worst of storms Barbara and Connor, there are couple of areas where some additional shingle moving is required.  Before machines that were parked up for Christmas disappear it makes sense to do this work before they are taken elsewhere.

Today they will start at Cooden and by Friday will have reached Sovereign Harbour, when they will finish.

It is likely that a week of bypassing shingle from Langney beach to the north of the harbour will follow next week, but that will be confirmed later in the week.

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